Glasgow City Council are trying to close strip clubs by setting the available Sexual Entertainment Licences at Zero.

If Glasgow City Council put this disastrous domino effect in motion this could have a catastrophic effect on around 700 Dancers across Scotland, driving jobs out of Scotland and into England, Europe and further afield. Driving workers into the hands of unscrupulous agencies and further driving the industry underground.

Furthermore, with an infamous record on Women’s Equal Pay which saw the council defeated by GMB there are questions to be asked about whether Glasgow City Council have the Women in this industry’s best interests at heart. As yet, the council have refused to engage with dancers which motivated them to unionise under GMB - the UK’s 2nd largest trade Union which recently formed G206 Branch. Aptly named after International Sex Workers Day, 2nd June.

As well as 700 dancers Glasgow City Council fail to acknowledge the loss of jobs for associated staff at these venues who have also unionised under the same banner. Bar staff, security staff, admin staff, cleaners… Not to mention the impact on nearby businesses and the community. Seventh Heaven is a trans-inclusive club with gender neutral toilets making it a safe space for all.

Debbie, 35 had this to say:

“I started my dancing career at 18 never left the industry never wanted to. 17 years later am still there, I came from a background of dancing. I have friends in the industry. Regulating Glasgow strip clubs is a fantastic idea and every dancers is on board with helping the councils make the clubs as safe as possible, the problem we have is if the council sets the number at 0 were does that leave myself and the other 700 dancers in Scotland? For me personally I will have two option leave my kids every Thursday for England and return on a Sunday night, or spend 6 month of the year in Spain working where conditions are dire and nowhere near as safe as Glasgow! These are the option I will be left with. Women should have the right to choose what to do with their body just as tattoo artists, brick layers, plumbers or any other worker who does physical labour do. Unfortunately Scotland is trying it's hardest to regress to Victorian times where women were expected to sit quietly and behave as men told them. Only today it is other women doing this to us.”