Once you have downloaded and printed the blank consultation response, use this handy guide to fill out your response. Bring it to our stand outside the Apple Store on Buchanan Street to be submitted to Glasgow City Council on your behalf.


The Consultation: A Guide


There are questions in the consultation you as the public can answer to help us keep these Women in jobs. Templates can be rejected so your own words is important. If you need help we will be in George Square 29th June, 6th July, 13th July under the GMB banner in George Square 1-3pm. Come talk to us and ask anything you are unsure of.

We have broken some of the questions down here for you:

Do you think they should be licensed?

Yes or no? Why? Think of the safeguards of licensing. In Glasgow the clubs already follow guidelines given years ago. Safe home policy has been adopted by all clubs, no touch, no propositioning, no photo or film is vigorously enforced. Licensing would put these things in writing. We welcome this wholeheartedly.

What impact do they have on the community?

Community means many things to many people. Surrounding areas. LGBTQ+ community (Seventh Heaven is first club to have a non binary toilet and a trans inclusive policy when it comes to performers)... Women and couples are regulars at clubs as its a guaranteed place where men are kept on their best behaviour and women feel safe knowing they won't be assaulted.

Positive or negative effects on dancers/operators?

As dancers are self employed licensing creates a framework of expectations they will look for when choosing where to work. A gold standard will become the norm. Dancers welcome this. As do club owners. One club owner, Andrew Cox at Seventh Heaven, put it: 'provide the best conditions - attract the best performers. It's a no brainer'

Positive or negative effects on surrounding areas?

These clubs have been around for decades with an enviable record for safety and lack of incident. Will this change by licensing them?

Do you think the location is important?

All venues are in city centre locations away from schools or places of worship. Incidents in the vicinity are non existent and advertising is kept at a minimum. What would you change? How would the lanes near Seventh Heaven or Diamond Dolls feel to walk down with no light and no bouncers there? Would you still take or avoid these routes?

Appropriate number of SEVs?

There are currently 4 venues. One is empty and has not operated in 6 years. This means there are 4 venues but only 3 would require a license to continue trading. 3 would be agreeable to current workers.

Appropriate/Inappropriate locations?

At the moment all venues operate in late night economy areas in the city centre. This makes sense as footfall and disposable income is required for any non essential service be it a takeaway or a strip club. The venues are currently off the main street but not too far away and in well lit areas. As these venues tend to be add ons (stag do, hen do, birthday party, post pub but prefer relaxed to club environment) it makes no sense to place them further out. As some workers don’t drive and with limited transport options - rural locations etc would be an obvious no.

Would imposing regulations improve standards?

Workers in any industry naturally welcome regulations designed to bring up the standards of any working environment. These venues are no different. Having a gold standard imposed means workers get real value when renting their work space and the public can be reassured venues they visit are a safe environment not a shady back shop. Win - win really.

We hope this helps break things down a little.Please write in your own words.

Send to: LicensingEnquiries@glasgow.gov.uk NB: YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS

Check our events page to see when we will be in George Square offering assistance.

Full consultation can be found here: https://www.glasgowconsult.co.uk/KMS/dmart.aspx?strTab=PublicDMartCurrent&NoIP=1

GMB Dancers xxx


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