Not Unionised under but want to respond to the consultation and need some help? Here is a handy guide to doing this.

 - Why is this your choice of work?

What led you to this job? How does this job compare to previous jobs? Why this and not something else?

- What are the benefits/ good things about the work?

What does this job provide? Flexibility? Income? Mental benefits? Freedom? Confidence?

- What would you do if the venues shut? What would the impact be on your life?

What is your plan B? Do you have a plan B? If you woke up tomorrow and your job was gone what would you do? How would you feel? What would this mean for you and your family?

- Do you have any ideas for regulation that could be positive?

If you could change anything to make your club better, what would it be and why? Location? Hours? Conditions?

If you are unionised under GMB contact Megara on 07526655457 when you have completed this to have your response included in the GMB consultation response. If not, send to - with your name and address.

Check our events page to see when we will be in George Square offering assistance.

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