This campaign has been an emotional one so far. Jobs are on the line for many women who have few other options which will replicate their earnings and flexibility. Losing their jobs will mean less time with their children, living on the breadline, going on the dole and detrimental effects on their mental health and wellbeing will be in some cases unsurmountable. Homes will be lost, debts accrued, kids pulled out of schools as their family moves to a more affordable area or miles away so their Mother can work to keep them afloat. These are real people, real jobs, real consequences. We take this extremely seriously and we ask that you do too.

When this campaign began we organised. It was not easy. There was resistance because there was fear. Fear of being outed, fear or reprisals, fear of being spoken over, ignored and losing. Politicians like Sandra White silenced dancers into hiding behind managers for many years, afraid to speak out for their livelihoods - what other industry is like this? None. Many workers just upped and left Glasgow rather than face this fight and we can’t blame them. It is fraught with tension between polarised sides of the debate.

We organised to be heard. We were heard by GMB. This gave us the confidence and strength to demand that no decisions were ever made without our consent and that we would always be involved in anything which would affect us. GMB empowered us with this voice and via GMB we have been included in evidence sessions for this public consultation - a monumental first. Finally we can speak and women in this industry are coming out in their droves no longer afraid.

This has been a real test of our resilience in the face of controversy and we have definitely grown closer and stronger as a result.

We have one goal and one goal only - to keep our jobs in the industry we chose.

Love, GMB Members.